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It's been over four years since I've last published anything here on Deviantart. Sorry for not replying to any messages during this time. It's easy to leave things behind when pressing matters are at stake.

I've been a professional, self-employed metal artisan / blacksmith for two and half years now. I have fully concentrated on finding customers on local Finnish markets. Besides that I've worked on the sets of some theatre productions. Now, I'm hoping to expand abroad. This basically means I'm opening up my etsy shop and adding a good variety of cutlery and some other stuff there. I'll be adding those items here as well at the same pace I get them to etsy. Meanwhile I'll be dropping in some pictures of sculptures and stuff.

I've cleaned up my gallery and removed some pieces I felt were too awkward to keep and I might remove even more. My skills are much more refined now which especially shows on the spoons I make. You'll see.

Now a bit about these past few years that have been a hell of a ride. Stressful, intriguing and everything between. I put up a workshop with three friends, two of them eventually gave up and I moved to a smaller place with my remaining friend. I had an accident with my power hammer that cost me half of my right thumb. As nasty as this might sound, this occurrence kept me out of the game for only two and half months and I got used to my new thumb almost instantly. Trying to earn a living on this line of work has been the toughest part to chew.

Below is a timelapse video I made about spoons so this blog gets to be more than just some rambling.

Also, feel free to visit my Finnish website at
There you'll get to see the stuff I've made before I manage to get them here.


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 11, 2011, 10:32 AM
Fruit Bowl by Rajala
I'd been away for a while and I was just about to quickly check if I had gotten any messages and BAM! Over 1400 waiting. I found out that this Fruit Bowl of mine had been added to daily deviations two days before. I must say that this was a most pleasant surprise. Thanks everyone!

As a gratitude I have three new art projects to display here, each with three pictures. Enjoy!

Broken but Not Hopeless
Broken but Not Hopeless: Side by Rajala  Broken but Not Hopeless by Rajala  Broken but Not Hopeless: Front by Rajala
This head consists of papier mache on top of a steel grid structure. I'm quite fond of it because it displays well my fascination of not hiding hints about used material but instead exposing them as a greater advantage.

Due to the mentioned methods the head is hollow and this, of course with said object, is symbolic enough: on a quick glance you might seem doing alright but on the inside you feel empty and meaningless with heavy mental scars. What I especially want to express here is the hope in this situation. The smile on her face is not intended to hide the broken feeling. On the contrary, she still has a reason to smile though life has been hard on her. She has the will to learn from past mistakes and to carry her scars with dignity.

A Shred of Humanity
A Shread of Humanity: Side by Rajala  A Shread of Humanity by Rajala  A Shread of Humanity: Front by Rajala
Faces have become fascinating to me in art. I particularly like when the used material is cold and lifeless but the face seems to be on the verge of moving and breathing. Well, for a metal artisan like me this approach is also most suitable.

Here I wanted to get a feeling of a frozen movement where steel stripes merge to form a head and maybe then to form a complete human being. A T1000 perhaps, heh!

The Elemental Face
The Elemental Face: Ice by RajalaThe Elemental Face: Original by RajalaThe Elemental Face: Fire by Rajala
Here I got a bit experimental. This is actually a triptych where in the middle is my self-made steel face in frames and on both sides photos of that said face being exposed to different elements. Yes, in the photos the face is actually frozen and burning. They were a bit tricky to execute but also absolutely fascinating. Yessss, I love to BURN and FREEZE stuff! Maybe next time I'll have an object that is both frozen and burning! Now that'd be tricky.

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Sorry everyone that I haven't replied to your messages. I've been away from DA since my last journal entry in the beginning of Summer. There are a few reasons that I'd like to bring out.

First of all, while working as a blacksmith on the Summer and having seen a lot of people drop by to ask the same questions over and over again I just haven't had the will or the energy to be more social more than is necessary. This means that being social in the Net was out of question.

I've also been damn busy. First in Summer because of blacksmithing and later in August because of two other jobs I got. Through a friend of mine I got a post-production work for a video commercial that was a nice break from frustrating work at the forge. While doing that I also got an offer from the workshop of The Swedish Theater in Turku. The contract lasted a month and was really pleasant time.

The final reason for keeping quiet is the frustration I felt as a blacksmith. I have my limits with how much I can stand crowds. Forging began to feel obnoxious with the same methods being used time and time again. I felt like a factory worker who is being watched and bothered by bypassers. Because of this I've been wondering what I really want to do in the future. Getting a forge of my own doesn't sound too nice at the moment but I must examine my motives better before deciding anything.

Meanwile I've been thinking of an art project that I'd like to do and get on display in a gallery. Different faces done with different methods. Some need forging like the faces on 'Where the Damned Lie' so I won't be abandoning blacksmithing as a whole. I have the first face ready and presenting it here is the reason why I'm writing this. Doing art is inspiring and when I'm inspired I have a lot more motivation to be social here as well.
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Last saturday I finally graduated. Now I'm officially a metal artisan. On this summer I'll be every second week in Kustavi doing traditional forging and on the meantime I'll make more spoons for sale. This could become the best summer in long time.
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Check it out!

Mangoo - Only Silver. Done with a small budget and a small crew but with full devotion. I'm responsible for the lighting and post-production so I'm basically to blame for the visual looks. It took quite some time to finish the video but I fell it was worth it.

Some still images:………

(Can't get the pictures or embeding the video to work but I don't care.)
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A month ago I had a belly dancer group Elysium in my appartment to be photographed. I turned my living room into a small home studio and it worked well enough.

My sister - of whom I already have a photo in my gallery… - is one of those four so that's how I got this honour. They needed nice pictures to their website and for a poster and flyers for a show they're having this Spring. The website is still a bit unfinished like are some photos. I'll be submitting some of them to my gallery as they get ready.

The Elysium homepage (in Finnish):…
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Just came to my attention that 'Apple of Death' was shown on CNN news about a mother being accused of the murder of her baby.

"Probably the most disturbing things are those pictures, those photos of skulls..." (And 'Apple of Death' is shown.)…
(Copy-paste the link or you'll go to the CNN video main page.)
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Tomorrow I'll be back in school so this might be a good point to have an update about my summer activities.

Two of my friends worked in Kustavi (a nice little place on the south-west coast here in Finland) as blacksmiths in a popular place where there were other forms on handcraft as well (clay products, silver jewelry, candles...). I was their replacement on some weekends when they had to be somewhere else. I took my job seriously, as I always do, and worked hard to make various items for sale. Some examples can be seen in my gallery.

I learned a lot about forging while there. I think I understand now better how to manipulate hot iron and my hammering is getting more precise. I worked on some tecniques that were new to me. I'm also finally getting the idea of how to make good nails. At one point I thought forging nails was a real pain in the ass but just last weekend beside other forgings I made more than 30 nails with only couple failures. It is great to feel that I'm getting somewhere with all the effort.
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I had about 70 hours of work last week, my hands are sore from intensive hammering, my feet are tired from constant standing and I have mosquito bites all over my arms. Needless to say I'm dead tired but I actually like this feeling of having little energy left but still managing to continue with work.
I had ten more hours of work today but now I'm sitting comfortably in my living room and eating chocolate. 37 more hours of work before saturday and my first day off for two weeks. We'll be having a great picnic that day with cakes and muffins to eat and good music playing in the background. I'm looking forward to it.

I think it'll feel like a holiday when I get back to school.
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Taged by :iconhellmet:

1. I'm completely addicted to collecting records on both cd and vinyl (I prefer the later if I have a choice). Just in the last two weeks I've bought 19 cd's and 31 vinyls.  And I'm out of shelf space already.
2. I've been composing music for about seven years now and during that time I've made numberous songs of various genres. None have ever been published even in the internet. Except for the score I made for a couple of my short movies that were shown at an indie tv channel five and half years ago.
3. A lot of people have told me their opinion about my shoes. Workbuddies and friends have laughed and admired, grannies have been terrified and doormen shown grim face. All this because my shoes - even sandals - have a hell of a lot of spikes and chains on them.
4. All the clothed I use are black except for underwear. =P Though lately I've been thinking that a red leather jacked could be a nice investment.
5. Chocolate is one of my greatest passions. I even have soap with cocoa beans and shampoo with chocolate and vanilla.
6. I have a habit of slapping myself when I jawn. I tend to get some weird looks when I do that without warning.
7. My sneezings are really noisy. I've managed to frighten numberous people with those. =D
8. I've been told that I have some weird movements. Don't ordinary people move like ninjas and while standing collapse to lotus position and then stand up with one foot?